Officer Space Warfare Pin
Knight Grand Cross of the Most Regal Order of Queen Elizabeth Knight Commander of the Most Honorable Order of King Roger
Manticore Cross Saganami Cross Order of Gallantry
Gryphon Star Queen's Bravery Medal Royal Household Distinguished Service Medal
Navy Commendation Decoration Fleet Excellence Award in Gold Prisoner Of War Medal
Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal Masadan Occupation Medal Havenite War Campaign Medal
Havenite Operation Service Medal Manticore-Havenite 1905-1922 War Medal Queen Elizabeth III Coronation Medal
Manticoran Combat Action Medal Manticoran Reserve Service Medal Space Service Deployment Ribbon
Navy Rifle High Expert Ribbon Navy Pistol Expert Ribbon Armed Forces Service Medal

White , Z
List of Honor Citation (Personal) Royal Unit Citation for Gallantry Royal Meritorious Unit Citation
Mentioned in Dispatches
Wound Stripe